• I am wrapping-up a stint at a stay-at-home-dad while my partner works a time-limited high pressure job. We needed to do this for our pre-k child who initially had a hard time transitioning into public school pre-k (a great benefit and at a great public school). I’m formerly a web developer and an engineering manager (in PR/digital advocacy and non-profit spaces).
  • In addition to being the household majordomo, I’ve been contracting with a friend’s small business and helping them get all of the things done as they scale through a local accelerator program. Sometimes it looks like I’m just slinging cookies, but it is so much more than that. My current focus is figuring out this or what other local-focused, flexible work might develop into my “next thing.”
  • At the same time, I’ve taught myself some Swift and SwiftUI and am piddling around with a couple of app ideas.
  • I’m long overdue to revive my web presence as active output of my information/media consumption with an eye towards civic/civil discourse (in other words: an intentionally focused linklog) and, separately, my creative efforts (mostly photography).

Last updated: May 31, 2024