First day of school blues

Today is the first day of school in Washington, D.C. Every year this heralds a spike in traffic across our neighborhoods: School zones have an active impact on traffic flow again, more people walking and in crosswalks at intersections, parents who use cars to drop off kids and commute are suddenly out on the road at the same time, the few school buses D.C. uses for specific purposes are now on the road, etc.

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I couldn’t take much of the Republican debate (there was already bile pooling in my mouth just after it began) after I heard the sui-eco-cidal answers to the climate crisis question.

Watching the Republican debate… I don’t know for how long. DeSantis looks like he’s hanging on for dear life lest he fall over from on top of those lifts.

A last week in Chincoteague, Virginia.

My own identity is federated (as well as idle or abandoned and isolated) across many networks and platforms. I feel like some sort of social web equivalent of a vector analysis diagram might reveal a true center, or destination I suppose. Some notional node between the nodes.


A passenger airliner flies above and towards the camera’s point of view from a park as it comes in for landing. The Washington Monument is visible on the horizon behind the plane.

Feelings about the half-past dead

It had come to feel trite to, along with “everyone else,” stop and post something, conspicuously sharing that one was aware of and appreciated, ostensibly mourned, the passing of someone well known. I have stepped back on social media, so I didn’t say anything about Robbie Robertson as soon as I heard. But I was listening to World Cafe (I happened to be listening to the WEXT stream, pretending I can feel my idealized version of optimal weather from Upstate NY wash over me with the music being broadcast out of the Mohawk Valley) and they rebroadcast an interview with Robertson.

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What the hell happened to printer friendly CSS‽

What the hell happened to printer friendly CSS‽ Especially you fucks publishing 4,000... 8,000 plus word essays. Jesus. I'm doing your work for you, but just for myself with dev tools or stop the madness, just so I don't go insane. Or maybe because you've already driven me there. And, I see all your ridiculous libraries and frameworks which, even minified, add kilobytes (if not megabytes) of cruft. Maybe not the case when also compressed, but now you're just making me use cycles on my end to realize that "

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Old news. Déjà vu even, but worse.

A well-placed isolated thunderstorm seems like a good excuse to get the kiddo off the bike and into the brew pub for an unscheduled lunch out. Maybe an indictment will get beamed in as a certain grand jury comes back from their lunch break. 🚲⛈️🍺🥪📺🤷🏻‍♂️