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Optimism, vigilance and action over relief and amnesia

If there is a Biden win, how will you demonstrate against his platitudes and short-sells with regards to our future?

How will you celebrate his inauguration by attending and not letting him off the hook? How will you insist that he face our existential challenges with the broadest inclusion and the maximum effort possible?

One of the opportunities for Trump, besides giving space to the racists and mysgonists, and magnifying the likewise tendencies of those harboring fear, was the reality that so many folks were effectively written off cynically or by mealy-mouthed compromise-on-compromise by Democrats. The party became untrustworthy in their eyes. I dare say rightly so.

We desperately need something better than less worse, we need something better than “moving in the right direction.” We can’t afford to be placated.

How do we seize the opportunity so many argue is necessary to create by voting for Biden?

We need optimism, vigilance and action. Not mere relief and amenesia, I hope.