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Fairytale of Gaza

Sky News had a split screen for the funeral of Shane MacGowan and the United Nations Security Council meeting on the UAE resolution for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict. Sadly, unsurprisingly, we expect the United States to veto this call.

Perhaps these were seen as equal events (make no mistake, I am interested in both) because they’re things one might expect Bono to show up to? (Guess which one he [was actually reported to be]* at!)

The sorrow of Dubliners belting out “Fairytale of New York,” around the funeral procession is nothing compared to the cries of civilians in Gaza as thousands upon thousands of their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters are slain and hundreds of thousands are displaced by an occupying force’s collective punishment and overwrought rage.

Maybe it is a split screen because the United Nations being crippled by the United States again is, this time, a funeral for Gaza.

* It seems to be that ultimately Bono could not attend the funeral, despite Sky's earlier reporting at the Church. A recording of his reading was played amongst appearances from Johnny Depp and Nick Cave and bandmates. ...And after Sky stopped the split screen—in favor of MacGowan's service—I recreated it by putting up BBC World News and Al Jazeera on my laptop while keeping Sky on the TV.