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Rock and roll and news radio

I want a good rock and roll radio station (or whatever is closest to that these days, I’m pretty ecumenical myself—just not looking for top 40 pop) that has news on the hour. I’m not sure this exists. (If it does, I’d love to hear about it and stream it.)

I have a memory of WETA FM (serving the Washington, DC area) playing classical (it still does) and having NPR news at the top of the hour. I’m not certain that is still their format. I’m looking for structure of that impression, though, with musical taste more like WEXT (out of New York’s Capital Region and also a public radio station, but with no news programming).

If I won the lottery, I’d go after a radio station license (FM, LPFM, hell AM) just to achieve this. (And I think I’d enjoy finding some real DJs—no alorithms—to blow my mind and widen others' minds too.) I’d definitely add some jazz too, if it were “my” station.