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Listening to behind-the-scenes tales of the incoming demise of the debt ceiling negotiations. Democrats playing to lose, as always. Doesn’t matter how bad it gets.

(Edited for clarity: what was intended was the demise of things in the course of debt ceiling negotiations. All lose, no win on the part of the Dems. The negotiations themselves continued and its participants wouldn’t recognize a demise.)

“Propellers are louder over ground.” This study seems to state the obvious, but I am sure I didn’t read the article closely enough to understand what was novel. That said, it also seems to be speaking to its relevance in a near future urban environment with more VTOL air taxis and ubiquitous drones. But I am going to imagine it bears directly on present-day Washington, D.C. which seems to be increasingly (over the past twenty years of living here in three of the four quadrants) plagued by helicopters, seemingly flying lower too. So much so that our non-voting Congresswoman has made repeat protest actions that in yet another way, mark the failure of the Congress to be a steward of the city. (There’s no change that bill will be acted on.)

Mike Gravel would’ve been 93 today. Before the ‘08 election he took me to lunch on the recommendation from Ralph Nader’s camp, hoping I’d join his campaign. I was flattered but passed. I don’t regret it, but even with how I saw things go, I think it was a bigger opportunity than I understood.

Here's a tip

Regarding the Towson Apple Store union request to allow tipping (via Macrumors): As someone who both is pro-union (union family, and while I’ve never had a union job, I have thrown the IWW a few bucks) and a former Apple Store employee, I agree with John Gruber. Tipping is a bad look, even as a sacrificial negotiation point. Tip culture is obnoxious (and confusing). Demand better pay, more time off, and just tell me what the price of the damn computer is.

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My toddler received a STEM “certificate” from the LEGO education booth at the White House Easter Egg Roll with the slogan “rebuild our world” (it was a hashtag actually). My mind went to a dark place … he might just have to.

Kevin McCarthy’s expression when he got the gavel reminded me of my 3-year-old’s reveling when I capitulate over allowing him a too-early or too-late sweet.

Low flying military helicopter over Capitol Hill, DC

Not the most artful shot, but an accurate representation of “a day in the life” common event — a low-flying military helicopter over Capitol Hill, Washington, DC. October 14, 08:56 ET.


The Capitol Fence Comes Down (HillRag) The footprint of the fencing was reduced to the Capitol Square itself the weekend of Mar. 13 and 14th. Matthew visited the Capitol Grounds Friday with his 22-month son. The family lives nearby, and said that the Capitol Grounds are part of the neighborhood. “I felt a little bit of emotion,” he confessed of the moment he saw the fence dismantled. He said he felt lucky to witness such historic moments, but views the future with a touch of cynacism [sic].

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