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Low flying military helicopter over Capitol Hill, DC

Not the most artful shot, but an accurate representation of “a day in the life” common event — a low-flying military helicopter over Capitol Hill, Washington, DC. October 14, 08:56 ET.


The Capitol Fence Comes Down (HillRag) The footprint of the fencing was reduced to the Capitol Square itself the weekend of Mar. 13 and 14th. Matthew visited the Capitol Grounds Friday with his 22-month son. The family lives nearby, and said that the Capitol Grounds are part of the neighborhood. “I felt a little bit of emotion,” he confessed of the moment he saw the fence dismantled. He said he felt lucky to witness such historic moments, but views the future with a touch of cynacism [sic].

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Inconvenient truth

War on Science Persists Within Biden EPA as Staffers Allege Chemical Reports Altered (Common Dreams) Climate Change Drove Western Heat Wave’s Extreme Records, Analysis Finds (New York Times) I fucking hope so. (Keten Joshi on Twitter) Erik Prince Planned to Create Private Army in Ukraine: Exclusive (Time) Campaign to Rein in Mega IRA Tax Shelters Gains Steam in Congress Following ProPublica Report (ProPublica) The Rise and Fall of the Ultimate Doomsday Prepper (Intercept) The Tech Cold War’s ‘Most Complicated Machine’ That’s Out of China’s Reach (New York Times) Trump files class action lawsuits targeting Facebook, Twitter and Google’s YouTube over ‘censorship’ of conservatives (Washington Post) Iceland tried a four-day work week.

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Restoring liberties

Here’s hoping: Reports say Capitol Hill is coming next week though I bet the bike rack fence they had over last summer will be up for awhile — Barred in DC (@BarredinDC) July 4, 2021 Statehood for DC would be nice too. "I am trying to function as a small business, and I don't have someone in Congress that's gonna fight for me, that's gonna fight for my business, because it's in Washington, D.

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