A well-placed isolated thunderstorm seems like a good excuse to get the kiddo off the bike and into the brew pub for an unscheduled lunch out. Maybe an indictment will get beamed in as a certain grand jury comes back from their lunch break. 🚲⛈️🍺🥪📺🤷🏻‍♂️

Dave and Art did enough damage.

…the least we can do is take their money and run. Or something. Today was the first day in a while without structured plans and without starting out with a steaming hot morning en route to a 90F high, only to feel even hotter. So my son and I got on the bike and went to our town’s free museums… yes, the Smithsonian Institution. We’re lucky to have this and I try to remember that and make use of them, for my own benefit, but especially for my toddler’s.

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On the Washington Channel last night.

POV from a boat with sheets of rain slightly obscuring two other boats moving on the Washington Channel, dark clouds overhead and a break in clouds visible on the horizon.

Gratitude in absence

My son is at his “Grammas’” (he intuitively started using a gender neutral plural diminutive colloquialism when he was about 1). I get an evening to myself. My wife gets an evening off with a girlfriend, before re-engaging in her 70+ hr per week job. I miss my son and I’m grateful for the break. I’ll also be better at making sure he knows how grateful we both are for him while keeping the guard rails up.

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Watching Lewis Black’s beginning-of-pandemic stand-up special … there’s a duality to the experience now. “It’s been so long, wow” and “we never (or I, anyway) quite got back to normal.” Understandable this time. I’m still pissed at all the things lost from before 9/11 though.

Ducked out of the bubble again.

The White House from the South Lawn with Independence Day guests.

Re-watching Slacker, for the first time in a long time, and it is kind of terrifying how relevant it is.

"Why.are.there.periods.in.my.iPhone.searches" Me three!

Bill Clinton and Al Gore killed rock and roll radio.